BH inspections have added a new service for sellers call Pre-Inspection listing. This process involves the home being inspected prior to calling and listing your home with a real estate company or agent. By being proactive to sell your house in this housing crisis, scheduling an inspection with BH inspections would be the first step a homeowner should do. By doing a pre-inspection on your home you eliminate many concerns a buyer might have about purchasing your home. Here are just a few:

  1. Saves money by allowing you to fix items that the homeowner can do if qualified, without calling in a high price tradesman, and being charge a service call. (i.e., electrician, plumber, roofer)
  2. Allows a third-party inspector to evaluate your components in the house for defects and to point out what the buyers’ inspector is going to check.
  3. You have the time to review price quotes on repairs from contractors/ handyman service providers.
  4. It may address items of immediate concerns that could be costly and a buyer walk-away from the deal.
  5. It lets the buyer know that you are disclosing any defect about the house that will need to be negotiated with the buyer before purchasing the home.
  6. The inspection report is an excellent selling tool for the agent to sell your house.

I can go on with so many valid reasons why you should consider getting a pre-inspection on your home before listing it on the market. Like I mentioned in the buying process, do not allow any person to persuade you on not get a home inspection as a seller. Because when you rely on the buyer to hire the home inspector, you do not have any defense about the findings in the report. 

Answer the following questions:

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you need to contact our company and schedule a home inspection today, before contacting the real estate agent.

1- Have you had any reconstruction done to your home?

2- Did you upgrade any light fixtures in the home yourself?

3- Did you decline a home inspection before closing on your first home?

4- Did you plant trees next to the house for shade?

5- Did you upgrade any kitchen appliances?

6- Do your home have security/ burglar bars installed on windows and doors?

7- Did your home come with a factory, or masonry fireplace?



Seller's Gallery

 I have provided a few pictures from past sellers home inspection that was done.   

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